Our story

On 21 April 1854, Leonardus van den Bosch laid the foundation in Bleiswijk for what is now Bosch Growers. In the early years, we grew our produce in the open air. But tough times hit in 1930s, forcing many horticulturists – Van den Bosch included – to extend the season by growing in greenhouses. Stepping up cultivation in this way also provided a livelihood for his several sons. In the 1960s, Leonardus’s great-grandson Wim erected the family’s first Venlo greenhouse. Today, Wim’s son Jaco and grandsons Wouter and Tijmen are at the helm. In 2002, Jaco switched from eggplant (aubergine) cultivation to green bell peppers. In 2017, the family also started growing blackberries.


Leonardus van den Bosch establishes the company in 1854.


Jaco and Wim van den Bosch: The 4th and 5th generations of the company.


The boys of the company’s 6th generation.

I was born with green fingers and became a grower because I love working with plants.

Jaco van den Bosch

Director, Bosch Growers

What we do

Bosch Growers specializes in cultivating green bell peppers and annual blackberries in the greenhouse. We invest in developing knowledge, carrying out research, and forming partnerships with various universities and research centers, such as Wageningen University & Research and Groen Agro Control. We harness our knowledge and experience to grow new crops, deploy high-tech sensors, and work lean. We take inspiration from developments both within and outside our sector.

At our nurseries, we make full use of sensors to control crop light, temperature, and climate. What’s more, we have started using artificial intelligence to eventually make the step toward autonomous cultivation. We frequently work closely with start-ups that develop innovations for greenhouse horticulture.

At Bosch Growers, we work lean and have the ambition to go even leaner. Our teams work autonomously, with a great deal of responsibility. That’s how we work together, all to achieve a single objective: to provide consumers with tasty, nutritious, safe, and high-quality products.