Bosch Growers is a complete specialist in high-tech glasshouse horticulture. We know how to translate our knowledge of the most complex crops into a successful plan for growing soft fruit. We are unique in the Netherlands because of our year-round cultivation of blackberries under a glass roof. We have developed and refined this cultivation method ourselves, resulting in high-quality blackberries twelve months of the year! To achieve this, we use the latest techniques and insights.

With the valuable knowledge we have built up, we want to provide the US with a unique range of soft fruit. The first product that we will wow American consumers with is the strawberry – the second-most widely eaten fruit. The shelf life and taste of the strawberries that end up in shoppers’ baskets are mostly below par. At Bosch Growers, we focus on those aspects. And with our experience in developing new, challenging crops, we can live up to our promise: healthy, flavorful strawberries with unparalleled quality.

The first steps to produce soft fruit locally in the US have now been taken. In addition to our exceptional cultivation and market knowledge, our experience with ventures outside of the Netherlands is also put to good use. Our specialists will provide close support for cultivation on site. Plus, we use state-of-the-art techniques to control the cultivation remotely.