Bosch Growers: going further when others stop

Bosch Growers is a modern family-run business, founded in Bleiswijk, near Rotterdam – and we’ve been going since 1854. We grow green bell peppers and blackberries on our farm. Over the years, Bosch Growers has developed into a specialist in high-technology cultivation. Now in our sixth generation, we are driven by an enormous amount of ambition in terms of innovation and international growth.

At Bosch Growers, we blend traditional core values, such as thinking of people and the planet, with a state-of-the-art and forward-looking way of running our business. We are committed to growing healthy, safe, and tasty food, making it accessible to everyone. Innovative, enterprising, flexible. Our knowledge of and fascination with technology allows us to go further when others stop.

About us

Bosch Growers has a young, dedicated team with a passion for new techniques, new crops, and new cultivation methods. As a family business, we are always focused on the long term, so sustainability and care for people and the environment are our most treasured values. Our biological crop protection methods and sustainable, zero-carbon heat generation make us stand out even more. And we are always looking for ways to process residual products, with a view to achieving zero waste.

At Bosch Growers, our employees are our pride and joy. It goes without saying – we love where we work. We give employees plenty of room to develop their talents and offer a host of opportunities to expand their knowledge on courses. Because: we grow together!