Green bell peppers

Bosch Growers specializes in cultivating green peppers. We grow Frazier, a variety ideally suited for harvesting while green, which retains its dark color for a long time and has a beautifully smooth skin. We have consciously chosen not to grow our peppers on gutters, so we can improve the quality of summer peppers, in particular. This dedicated approach is now becoming more and more common.

Our peppers are mainly used in mixed packages (traffic-light mixes). Most of them go to the UK, as well as Germany and eastern Europe, but consumers here in the Netherlands can also enjoy these top-quality green peppers.


Harvest House

dedicated growers. As one of the largest fruiting-vegetable producer associations in the Netherlands, our members grow a wide range of tomatoes, bell peppers, and cucumbers – an increasing proportion being organic. Harvest House is responsible for marketing its members’ products.

We grow high-quality fruiting vegetables in an innovative and sustainable way, bringing them from the greenhouse to the consumer, together with the Harvest House chain partners. We are real doers: we get on with doing it, we do it our own way, and we do it well. Most of all, we do it together. Because together, we achieve more.
Together, we are building a food chain fit for the modern world. This is because we believe that everyone in the world should have access to healthy, nutritious, and delicious food.

To get the best results, everything needs to be perfect. This requires a great deal of care and attention, not to mention green fingers.

Jack ’T Hoen

Cultivation Manager