Bosch Growers is a pioneer in the Netherlands when it comes to greenhouse-growing blackberries year-round. We grow the Sweet Royala variety, a very sweet, attractive-looking fruit.

Cultivating blackberries is a rather recent development, and we can create the right growing conditions through our own trials and research, optimizing the quality of our blackberries. For example, we use lighting to provide enough light in winter and a high-pressure mist to cool the crop in summer. We have a lot of experience in using biological crop protection. And thanks to the strategy we have developed in-house, we get the best results.

The Berkel blackberry

Our ultimate desire was to prevent food wastage – thus the Berkel blackberry was born. We sell blackberries and blackberry jam from our roadside shop and at all good delicatessen nearby.

Sometimes, when we harvest our sweet, ripe blackberries, some can be too soft to transport and/or store. These blackberries are chosen for our delicious, healthy jam. We make our artisan jam in a small pot, adding as little sugar as possible. The blackberries we use for this are still top-quality and – unlike the blackberries in many factory jams – uncoated.

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When the company performs well, it’s a combination of motivation, hard work, and pulling together. That’s my goal.

Jaap de Schipper

Blackberries Manager